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AI bias podcast
Sarah Justine Kerruish, Hélène Guillaume Pabis, Emilia Molimpakis and Lois Gulliford

How can we overcome bias in healthtech?

In this episode of the G Word, Lois Gulliford, Legal Counsel at Genomics England, is joined by Sarah Justine Kerruish, Chief Strategy Officer at Kheiron Medical, Hélène Guillaume Pabis, Founder and CEO of Wild.AI and Emilia Molimpakis, CEO and Founder of thymia, to discuss how to tackle bias in healthtech.

With growing concerns about the safety of AI prompted by rapid technological advancements, a crucial question arises: how can we guarantee the equitable and unbiased utilisation of AI? Our guests delve into this issue and examine the importance of integrating diverse data sources.

You can read the transcript here: How-can-we-overcome-bias-in-healthtech.docx

"I think multimodal is the future, but we have a very special responsibility to be inclusive - to make sure that we are completely rigorous and robust in making sure that women and people from ethnic minorities are represented from the beginning and not as an afterthought."

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