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The G Word Podcast
Jo Taylor

Bringing the patient voice to metastatic cancer issues

“We need to have these open and honest conversations with patients, because otherwise where is the duty of care? We're failing patients if we’re not being honest with them and saying, ‘there’s no evidence of disease at the moment, we believe that we've done everything that we can to make sure that the cancer doesn't come back, but unfortunately around 30% of people will develop secondary breast cancer and we don't know who they will be.’”

In this week’s episode of The G Word #sciencepodcast, our CEO Chris Wigley is joined by Jo Taylor, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD), Founder of METUPUK and user involvement representative for Macmillan and GM Cancer.

Today Jo talks about her own inspirational cancer story, bringing the patient voice to metastatic cancer issues and personalised care. She also discusses her free book ‘Real stories by patients for patients’ and the Darker Pink campaign.

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