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The human element

Professor Pali Hungin  | 

“The human element is going to become increasingly important. In the presence of high-level technologies, machine learned algorithms and highly personalised precision medicine - perhaps based on genomics - in the presence, even, of all those items, it will be the contact between care delivery and the care receiver that will remain important.”

In this week’s episode of The G Word, Chris Wigley is joined by Professor Pali Hungin, former GP and president of the British Medical Association, emeritus professor at Newcastle University and researcher in gastroenterology and associated clinical and psychological factors. Having received an OBE for services to research in 2000, Pali has spent much of his career attempting to bring about positive change, establishing and leading the Changing Face of Medicine project at the Academy of Medical and Royal Colleges and sitting on the Access Review Committee at Genomics England.

Today, Pali discusses the need for radical change in medicine, suggests clinicians should be armed with genomics and AI, and champions technological advancements in healthcare. He also discusses his work with the Changing Face of Medicine project and offers some advice for young people hoping to get in to medicine.

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