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The Errol McKellar Foundation and friends of Caswell Thompson

Prostate cancer awareness

The Errol McKellar Foundation focuses on giving presentations and talks around the UK to raise the awareness of important men’s health issues, especially prostate cancer. Friends of Caswell Thompson (FOCT) is an organisation set up for, and dedicated to, raising awareness about prostate cancer in the BAME communities in Bristol and surrounding towns and villages through a range of activities, with a particular focus on reaching black men, in whom the incidence of prostate cancer is 1 in 4, compared with 1 in 8 in the general population.

You can read our transcript here: The-Errol-McKellar-Foundation-and-friends-of-Caswell-Thompson.docx

"The fear of knowing vs. the fear of doing nothing."

Marie Nugent, Community Manager for Diverse Data at Genomics England, is joined by Errol McKellar, MBE, founder of the Errol McKellar Foundation, and the MOT yourself campaign, and Errol Thompson and Errol Campbell, Directors of Friends of Caswell Thompson, who are dedicated to supporting families affected by prostate cancer in and around Bristol. Today, we'll be hearing about the impact these two incredible companies are having in raising awareness of prostate cancer risk in the communities.

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