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The G Word Podcast
Saskia Sanderson

Getting ordinary people to the table

“Why wouldn't we, as a society, seriously start debating the earliest appropriate age where we should start using genomics, not only for treatment and diagnosis, but also for prevention and facilitating earlier detection? Maybe for some it's 18, maybe for others it's childhood - but these are the sorts of questions that we should be debating.”

In this week’s episode of The G Word #sciencepodcast, our CEO Chris Wigley is joined by Saskia Sanderson, Chief Behavioural Scientist at Our Future Health and chartered psychologist. Saskia has a particular interest in applying psychology to translate genomics into better ways to help others, is a freelancer at PHG Foundation and is former Senior Research Social Scientist at Great Ormond Street.

Today, Saskia talks about polygenic risk scores, how scientific research affects real people and sharing GP’s patient data. She also talks about her early career and how we can facilitate public debate.

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