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The Genomics England Research Summit

Pick of the Conference!

“I Remember when I got to the stage to introduce Edwin Cuppen, who was the first speaker on the cancer Genomics track, and I was just… it’s happening! It’s happening! We did it!”

On today's episode of The G Word, we are joined by the chairs for scientific content at the recent Genomics England Research Summit: Dalia Kasperaviciute, Head of Genomic Data Sciences for Rare Disease; Alona Sosinsky, Scientific Director for Cancer; Francisco Azuaje, Director of Bioinformatics, and Maxine Mackintosh, Programme Lead for Diverse Data, all at Genomics England.

They choose their picks of the Summit, some of their favourite moments, and how it felt to get together again with the genomics community under one roof. They also discuss how what they saw and heard highlights the power and implications of genomics, as it comes into the mainstream of health care and society.

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