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Headshot of Jillian Hastings Ward and Nicola Blackwood
Jillian Hastings Ward and Baroness Nicola Blackwood

The Genomics England Research Summit

The Genomics England Research Summit is an exciting one-day event that explores the latest research and technology innovations from Genomics England, partners, and complementary fields. The summit covers all things genetics from Cancer Genomics, Emerging Technologies, Rare Diseases to Policies and Initiatives.

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" of the most important things is to understand you have to build a sustainable system and really invest in building those relationships."

Today on The G Word, we're very excited to share one of the brilliant sessions from the last Genomics England Research Summit, where Jillian Hastings Ward, who is the chair of our Participant Panel, spoke with Baroness Nicola Blackwood, who's the Chair of the Board at Genomics England, about the importance of patients being at the heart of the research.

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