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G word international nurses day
Tiggy Johnstone-Burt, Vicky Cuthill and Sally Shillaker

Our Nurses, Our Future

In this weeks' episode of the G Word, Naimah Callachand, Head of Product Marketing at Genomics England, is joined by Tiggy Johnstone-Burt, a Macmillan Genomics Clinical Fellow and a clinical nurse specialist, Vicky Cuthill, a nurse consultant, and Sally Shillaker, a health visitor and practice development lead in genomics, to discuss how both nurses and health visitors play a vital role in the patient care pathway for those who have received a genetic diagnosis.

For this years' International Nurses Day on 12 May, we're celebrating a brighter future of nursing. With the rapid advances in genomic medicine, both nurses and health visitors are uniquely positioned to translate genomic information into clinical care and to educate patients and families about the role of genomics in their health.

You can read to the transcript here: International-Nurses-Day.docx

"I would love to see an NHS service where genomic testing was part of the standard routine care…This is a beautiful example of advanced practice and I think that we [nurses and health visitors] are perfectly placed to be taking this on, and I'd really like to see a better recognition of that in the future."

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