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Vivienne Parry and David Bick

Which conditions will we look for initially in the Generation Study?

The Newborn Genomes Programme is delivering the Generation Study in partnership with the NHS. The study will explore the possibilities of whole genome sequencing in newborn babies, including to identify a wider range of rare genetic conditions current NHS newborn blood spot test. To do this, we have undertaken significant engagement work to identify the genetic conditions that should be looked for and fed back to families.

In this episode of the G Word, Vivienne Parry, Head of Public Engagement at Genomics England, speaks to David Bick, Principal Clinician for Newborn Genomes Programme at Genomics England. They discuss the process behind determining the provisional list of over 200 conditions caused by genetic changes in more than 500 different genes and how this list may change during the course of the study as new evidence emerges.

You can read the transcript here: Conditions-list-for-the-Generation-Study.docx

You can also find a short explainer video explaining the conditions list on our YouTube channel.

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