How we are working with industry

Genomics England is working hard to realise the potential benefits for patients from the 100,000 Genomes Project as quickly as possible. This is why Genomics England is working with industry from the start and making the most of companies’ expertise in developing new diagnostics and treatments.

Participants at the GENE Consortium launch event

GENE Consortium launch event 2015

A unique partnership between academia, the NHS Genomic Medicine Centres and industry will help transform treatment for patients with cancer and rare diseases, developing the right treatment and personalised care to tackle complex diseases, establishing the UK as a world leader in this field.

Companies have come together to create the Genomics Expert Network for Enterprises (GENE) Consortium, to oversee a year-long Industry Trial involving a selection of whole genome sequences across cancer and rare diseases. Genomics England will also collaborate with companies that specialise in data analysis, so that the project can benefit from cutting edge advances in handling Big Data. The Trial aims to identify the most effective and secure way of bringing industry expertise into the 100,000 Genomes Project in order to realise the potential benefits for patients.

The GENE Consortium was launched at a workshop in London on 26th March 2015. Visit our news section for more details of the launch. For companies interested in finding out more please contact (opens in your email application).

To find out more, download the industry prospectus ‘A framework for industry engagement’ (opens as PDF) or see our frequently asked questions page.

To see how we are working with academic and NHS researchers, visit our GeCIP pages.

To find out more about the genomics industry in the UK in general, read this report from the Office of Life Sciences (opens in new window). It describes the UK genomics market including market size, industry composition and projected growth.

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