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Bioinformatics and data science

Making sense of genomic and healthcare data to improve diagnosis, treatments, and lives of patients.

Someone's hands typing in blue light with abstract data overlaying the image

Developing tools to support genomic medicine

Our large team of bioinformaticians have the task of analysing whole genome sequence data for clinical applications. Our work promotes us to keep in touch with best practice and standards across our industry with the most advanced tools.

When other commercial or open source tools won't satisfy our needs, our own R&D will develop new applications which, when relevant, will become available to the global bioinformatics community.

Selected major technologies

We use high-performance, cutting-edge computing tools, technologies, and techniques to find and interpret genetic variation.

Products we've developed

The bioinformatics and data science team significantly impacts the development products and services that Genomics England builds to bring value to patients in the UK and the research ecosystem worldwide.

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