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Health equity 2

Health Equity: What has Data Science ever done for us?

Past event


Location The Loading Bay
25 Luke Street
EC2A 4DS & Online

Please note that this event has already passed. View our upcoming events

Digital technology is now being used in all areas of healthcare, from research, to the doctor’s office, to the operating room and beyond. With huge volumes of data being generated as a product and function of this digitisation, the potential for better use of Big Data to drive research, innovation and efficiencies in health, care and the life sciences is vast. Improvements in predictions of patient outcomes, operational efficiencies through better allocation of resources, more tailored interventions - the list goes on.

However, with already great sources of inequity in existing health systems, concerted efforts must be made to ensure that existing inequalities are not worsened, and that new sources of inequity are not introduced through this digitisation. Data science, when appropriately developed and deployed, has the potential to target inequities and reduce disparities. But this is unlikely to occur without explicit efforts and attention directed towards issues of quality, bias, transparency and fairness.

Join the Data Science for Health Equity (DSxHE - pronounced “dishy”) community for our launch event where we’ll brainstorm, debate and discuss what data science can *really* do for health equity. This event is being run as a hybrid event (London + virtual) with opportunities to meet wonderful members of the DSxHE community in-person and online.

Schedule of events

  • 4:45pm


  • 5:15pm

    Introduction to the Data Science for Health Equity Community (Maxine Mackintosh & Brieuc Lehmann, DSxHE)

  • 5:25pm

    Challenge Jam!

    • Introductions and challenges from some of our best and brightest in data science and health equity (line up to be announced soon!)
    • Challenge jam between attendees
    • Share-back from teams
    • Panel response and discussion
  • 7:00pm

    Talk from Sir Michael Marmot, Professor of Epidemiology at University College London, Director of the UCL Institute of Health Equity

  • 7:15pm

    Q&A and pass-the-mic

  • 7.30-9:00pm

    Drinks and nibbles

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