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Newborn baby on mother's chest looking up at her

International Conference on Newborn Sequencing

Past event


Location Museum of Science
1 Science Park

Please note that this event has already passed. View our upcoming events

Doctors and scientists have long predicted that newborn sequencing would one day become a routine health check at birth, offering parents early guidance on care that is tailored to their child. At the inaugural International Conference on Newborn Sequencing (ICoNS), attendees can learn how DNA sequencing is being implemented globally as a diagnostic and screening strategy for newborn children.

This event will cover key issues surrounding the adoption of newborn sequencing to detect rare genetic diseases and other disorders in neonates, from technical considerations to operational challenges, ethical concerns, and the implications for long-term clinical care, and will provide ample networking opportunities with experts from national genomics programs, key research institutes, rare disease experts, and industry executives.

Several people from Genomics England will be speaking at the conference, including:

  • Chris Wigley, CEO
  • Richard Scott, Chief Medical Officer
  • Alice Tuff-Lacey - Programme Lead - Newborn Genomes Programme
  • David Bick, Principal Clinician - Newborn Genomes Programme

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