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100,000 Genomes Project

Genomics England's very first initiative – sequencing 100,000 genomes from around 85,000 NHS patients affected by rare disease or cancer – is leading to groundbreaking insights and continued findings into the role genomics can play in healthcare.

Colourful rendering of DNA data sequence

Getting your results

As of December 2021, all initial analyses have been completed at Genomics England and returned to your NHS healthcare team.

They will contact you when they have confirmed our findings. They contact you as they would for any other test results – usually by letter or phone.

Getting your results
Additional findings

Useful participant forms

If you'd like to remove your data or the data of your child as their legal guardian from either the entire project or from receiving additional findings, please find and use the corresponding form below.

FAQs at the research-clinical interface

This information covers similar topics to the FAQs for researchers; the aim of these is to help researchers and clinical teams works together, to maximise benefit for participants, advance knowledge and contribute to the wider genomics community.

Please note that where we have used me and my in the text this also refers to my child where appropriate.

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