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How we work

Delivering the NHS-embedded Generation Study

Newborn baby being kissed by mother and yawning

NHS partnership

We are working hand-in-hand with the NHS to deliver the Generation Study.

When the Newborn Genomes Programme began, an NHS Steering Group was established to advise and provide guidance on how we can deliver and design our study in a way that respects the interests and structures of the NHS.

As the Programme moves from design to delivery, we are transitioning to the following structures:

  • The Newborn Genomes NHS Strategic Implementation Group will focus on the study’s delivery and implementation in the NHS; and
  • The Newborn Genomes NHS Stakeholder Group that will provide a forum for insights and advice from patients, healthcare professionals, and public groups. Membership of this stakeholder group is to be confirmed.

Groups we're working with

Engagement and co-design

Sitting alongside these structures is a programme of co-design and engagement with parents, expectant parents, community leaders, and members of the public. Further details on these aspects of our work are in the engagement tab.

Broader Genomics England governance

Other structures and groups at Genomics England are also integral to guiding the development of the Generation Study. This includes the Participant Panel, made up of a diverse group of people whose data is held in the National Genomic Research Library. The Panel advises the Genomics England Board and actively engages in decision-making across other committees and boards, playing a vital role in promoting participants’ interests across our work.

Genomics England also has several independent advisory committees that report to the board.

You can find out more about these groups on the governance pages.

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