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 Wrangling the research community

Deb Lancaster  | 

“Speaking as someone who's spent most of my career in Pharma, I know how important data is to bringing medicines to market, and to understand; where does the patient need a new treatment? How can that be targeted? How can discovery be pulled together so that you can actually give that patient a drug that's effective and safe?”

In this week’s episode of The G Word science podcast, our Head of Public Engagement, Vivienne Parry, is joined by Deb Lancaster, Service Owner in our Digital team at Genomics England, who makes sure that our researchers within the academic community and biotech industry, are able to interact with our data in an easy, simple and effective way.

Today Deb talks about the unique way that Genomics England is working with the NHS to build the Genomic Medicine Service, and our secure and safe Research Environment where researchers can work together for the benefit of participants and for patients in the future. Deb is also passionate about getting women and girls into STEM.

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