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Academics, clinicians, and students worldwide can join our research community, the Genomics England Clinical Interpretations Partnership (GECIP, for short).

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Research projects for Breast cancer

Examining how telomere dysfunction drives the evolution of the cancer genome

Salvaging whole genome sequence data derived from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples and PCR-amplified samples in the UK 100,000 Genomes Project

Mutational burden in the regulatory network of breast cancer susceptibility genes

Reclassification of variants of uncertain significance (VUS) in breast cancer risk genes from the Qatari hereditary cancer screening program

Exploratory genomic analysis supporting discovery and development of precision oncology therapeutics

Assessing phenotype manifestations of rare breast-cancer-associated variants identified in Pakistani and Columbian families

Investigation of Mutational Assessment of ER+ and ER- Breast Cancers Engaging Artificial Intelligences and Phenotypic Causal Association

Using mutational signatures and functional genomics to classify breast cancer gene variants

A key gene signature associated with lymphovascular invasion in invasive breast cancer

Using Cancer Phenotypes to Improve Cancer Susceptibility Gene Classification

Clinical value of field cancerisation in breast cancer

Investigation of the mutation and copy number landscape in regions with altered replication timing between normal and cancer

Targeting convergent evolution in cancer

Breast cancer research plan

Full details of the research proposed by this domain

Breast cancer detailed research plan

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