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Academics, clinicians, and students worldwide can join our research community, the Genomics England Clinical Interpretations Partnership (GECIP, for short).

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Research projects by domain

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Research projects for Colorectal cancer

New strategies for treating aggressive BRAF mutant colorectal cancers

Utilisation of AI to develop Personalised Treatment Plans for cancer

Investigation of somatic mutational consequences of germline genetic variation at cancer susceptibility loci

Role of secondary frameshift mismatch repair variants and MutS/MutL interaction during MMRd cancer evolution

Functional validation of synthetic dependencies in colorectal cancer organoids

The impact of inherited differences in immune gene expression and the clonality of antigenic neoepitopes on the immune environment in colorectal cancer

The genetic immune landscape of colorectal cancers

Low driver mutation burden cancers

Temporal dynamics of chromosomal instability in colorectal cancer

The landscape of Inflammatory Bowel Disease associated colorectal cancer

The Role of TET2 in Tumourigenesis

Metastatic colorectal cancer

Genetics of Early-onset Colorectal cancer

Identifying genes and variants that predispose to multiple types of cancer

The microbiome of colorectal cancer

An examination of tumour heterogeneity and evolution in colorectal cancer

The mutational landscape of colorectal cancer

Subtyping and Predictive Machine Learning for Colorectal Cancer

Hyper/ultramutation in colorectal and endometrial cancer

Identification and characterisation of colorectal cancer susceptibility

Colorectal cancer research plan

Full details of the research proposed by this domain

Colorectal cancer detailed research plan

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