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Academic research community (GECIP)

Academics, clinicians, and students worldwide can join our research community, the Genomics England Clinical Interpretations Partnership (GECIP, for short).

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Research projects by domain

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Research projects for Lung cancer

Feasibility analyses to evaluate how Genomics England can support a Full RWE Study in unresectable and metastatic NSCLC with HER2 variants

Utilisation of AI to develop Personalised Treatment Plans for cancer

Identification of the noncoding somatic drivers in lung cancer

RAS pathway signalling in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Genome

Smoking and mutational signatures in non-small cell lung cancer

Genomic and tumour micro environmental drivers of immunotherapy response in lung cancer

The impact of extrachromosomal DNA on Lung Cancer outcomes

Generating real-world evidence from linked genomic and longitudinal real-world databases to support health technology assessments in patients with non small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC)

Whole genome sequencing data as a biomarker to predict immune checkpoint inhibitor response

Whole genome landscape of major lung cancer subtypes

Investigation of copy number signatures and discovery of new mutation signatures considering epigenetic information in non-small cell lung cancer

Developing a pipeline to process multi-region whole genome sequencing non-small cell lung cancer data

Advancing precision medicine for RAS pathway mutations

Investigation of the mutation and copy number landscape in regions with altered replication timing between normal and cancer

A genome-wide association study of lung cancer survival

Targeting convergent evolution in cancer

Lung cancer research plan

Full details of the research proposed by this domain

Lung cancer detailed research plan

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