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Academics, clinicians, and students worldwide can join our research community, the Genomics England Clinical Interpretations Partnership (GECIP, for short).

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Research projects by domain

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Research projects for Electronic health records

The effects of common genetic variation and non-genetic factors on the risk of cardiomyopathy and heart failure in at risk populations

Role of Infections and autoimmune disorders in Schizophrenia and associated genetic determinants in HLA genes

Prediction of Pan-cancer Critical Care Outcomes

Assessing the genetic contribution to disease heterogeneity in selected neurological diseases.

Pan-cancer analysis of genetic and clinical factors in early detection, prognosis and outcomes

Feasibility analyses to evaluate how Genomics England can support a Full RWE Study in unresectable and metastatic NSCLC with HER2 variants

Machine Learning Enabled Patient Insights in Neurological Diseases

Overall Statistics and Summary Information for GEL data for Project Development

Machine Learning Enabled Patient Insights in Parkinson’s Disease

The Genetics of Symptom Severity in COVID-19 Infections

Towards better shielding of rare disease patients during COVID-19 pandemic via data-driven fine management

Methodology of linking and analysing real world genomics and clinical outcomes data

Multi-view learning for pan-cancer analysis on Genomics England (GeL), Genomic and Clinical, data

An EHR-wide association study on all cancers in Genomics England (GeL)

The Genomics England biobank resource with phenotyping and genomic data: A capacity building tutorial with a focus on glioma cancer

Co-morbidity and trajectory for carriers of clinically significant variants.

Association of health characteristics, comorbidities and tumour mutational burden with outcomes in patients treated with chemotherapy and immunotherapy

Project Title: Using neuropsychiatric comorbid to identify pathogenic ID variants and understand effect of variants on neurodevelopmental trajectories.

Impact of mental health comorbidity in Genomics England participants

Identifying subtypes of Glioblastoma (GBM) patients via Network Approaches

Electronic health records research plan

Full details of the research proposed by this domain

Electronic health records detailed research plan

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