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The Participant Panel

The Participant Panel is a key advisory group for Genomics England, working to ensure that the voices of patients, their families, and their experiences inform our work.

Rebecca Middleton at Genomics England Innovation Showcase talking on panel about newborns

Key responsibilities

Oversee the data access process

Give input on who has access to participant data and how it is used.

Champion and protect participants' interests

Ensure participants are at the forefront of ongoing research efforts and decisions.

Advise the Genomics England Board

The Chair of the Panel reports directly to the Chair of Genomics England's Board.

Sit on other committees and boards

Members of the Panel also sit on our Access Review Committee, GECIP Board and Ethics Advisory Committee.

Share experiences and advice

Panel members are often asked for their experience of genomic services and advice on future design.

Listen and respond to participant feedback

Make sure participants' current experiences are used to inform future service design.

Ensuring participants are at the centre of decisions

The Panel works together with teams across Genomics England to ensure that the interests of participants are kept at its heart.

Read our language guide

Developed by the Participant Panel, this guide recommends how to talk about the people whose data is curated by Genomics England.

Want to join the Panel?

The Panel currently has vacancies for patients and their relatives involved in the GenOMICC COVID-19 study and for patients (or parents of children) being treated by the NHS Genomic Medicine Service, whose data is held in the National Genomic Research Library. It is especially keen to hear from ethnic minority backgrounds.

How to join
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