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Genomics England aims to help everyone benefit from genomic healthcare.

Our 10-year anniversary
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Access Review Committee

The Access Review Committee’s (ARC) role is to provide an independent examination and response to requests for access to genomic and health data held in the Genomics England National Genomic Research Library. These requests come from academic researchers, clinicians, and commercial researchers.

There is a set application process for these individuals to go through to access the data. The ARC reviews these applications to check that they are in line with the aims of the National Genomic Research Library Protocol and to assess whether they are in the interest of both the public and the participants. 

Dr Christine Patch

Chair of the Access Review Committee

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Natasha Dunkley

Head of Digital Strategy, Welsh Government

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Jillian Hastings Ward

Chair of the Participant Panel

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Helen White

Vice Chair for Cancer

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Clarissa Hopkins

Participant Panel member

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Hannah Podd

Participant Panel Member

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Dr Simon Stockley

General Practitioner

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Dr Shereen Tadros

Consultant in Clinical Genetics, GOSH

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Danielle Wilson

Centre and Research Commercialisation Manager, Imperial College

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