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Turning science into healthcare

Genomics England aims to help everyone benefit from genomic healthcare.

Our 10-year anniversary
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Research Network Community Leads

Our Research Network Community Leads spearhead, represent and advise the 8 cross-functional communities that make up our Research Network. Championing their respective community interests, the leads engage with Genomics England to identify strategic research and funding opportunities.

The Community Leads drive collaborations, skill-sharing and meaningful interactions between members of their communities, streamlining the way genomic research is carried out.

Professor Richard Houlston

Pan-Cancer and Molecular Oncology lead

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Professor Anna Schuh

Pan-Cancer and Molecular Oncology co-lead

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Professor Elijah Behr

Predisposition and Screening lead

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Professor Sanjay Sisodiya

Predisposition and Screening co-lead

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Professor Sophie Hambleton

Variant Discovery and Clinical Interpretation lead

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Professor Caroline Wright

Variant Discovery and Clinical Interpretation co-lead

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Professor Christopher Yau

Bioinformatics and Machine Learning lead

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Dr David Morris

Bioinformatics and machine learning co-lead

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Professor Daniel Gale

Therapeutic Innovations and Trials lead

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Dr Haiyan Zhou

Therapeutic Innovations and Trials co-lead

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Dr Aylwyn Scally

Population Genomics lead

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Professor Jean-Baptiste Cazier

Population Genomics co-lead

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Professor Amy Jayne McKnight

Implementation and Data Enhancement lead

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Professor Diana Baralle

Genotype-Phenotype Association lead

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Dr Gavin Arno

Genotype-Phenotype Association co-lead

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