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Turning science into healthcare

Genomics England aims to help everyone benefit from genomic healthcare.

Our 10-year anniversary
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Science Advisory Committee

Our independent Science Advisory Committee advises the Genomics England Board on scientific aspects of the company's projects. This includes overseeing: disease inclusion criteria; Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP) domain formation; data access request applications; and patient recruitment strategies. The Committee considers the interests of patients, the public, scientists and clinicians engaged in genomic research or genomic medicine.

Professor Sir John Bell

Non-Executive Director, Chair of Scientific Advisory Committee

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Professor Tim Aitman

University of Edinburgh

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James Brenton

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

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Professor Sir John Burn

Newcastle University

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Professor Patrick Chinnery

University of Cambridge

David Church

Andrew Fry

Professor Dame Sue Hill

NHS England

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Professor Matthew Hurles

Wellcome Sanger Institute

Professor Mark Lawler


Professor David Lomas

Deputy Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee

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Professor Anna Schuh

University of Oxford

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Professor Matt Seymour

University of Leeds

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Dr Samra Turajlic

Cancer Research UK

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Professor Andrew Wilkie

University of Oxford

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